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รวมโฆษณา หักมุม ขำๆ

Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

It's a very funny Pepsi commercial with Chinese Monks.



Toyota Echo : Strong Attraction




Gay McDonald's ad in France:



Comercial Da Hyundai (Gay)

Aw, looks like someone is upset that their girlfriend is more attracted to gay men like most women are, haha.
Face it, the people who still call gay people "fags" as an insult are usually hiding gay skeletons in their own closet. Way to out yourself on youtube, dumbass, haha



Nike Manifestación

Anuncio local para Nike, bajo la campaña Nike urban training. Obtuvo un León de Oro en el Festival Publicitario de Cannes.

This is a collection i have that was banned in U.K. as a commercial for Levis Jeans.



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