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แต่งห้องคอนโดธรรมดาให้ หรูหรา fashion-designers style

แปลงโฉมคอนโด ให้หรูเริ่ดแบบแฟชั่นดีไซเนอร์

This project started with a brand new studio unit with just the basic furnishes. The client wanted to upgrade his unit into a place where he can relax and have friends over. The only request he had is to enclosed the kitchen, add more storage, and have a neutral masculine lounge vibe to the place. To achieve that look, I used neutral but very bold textured wallpaper as an accent wall. It totally carried the whole look of the space. Cabinetries, media unit, and shelves span one wall. The kitchen received an upgrade as well with the new shelves and sliding doors. We had furniture custom-made to fit the limited space. Read the progress and whole story here.