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ของแต่งบ้าน Geeky

Geeky Decor Accessories For Home 2.0

A few months ago we featured an article highlighting a set of geeky accessories for you all to wrap your inner geek around. We are back and this time we hope to knock you nerdy socks off with version 2.0! These quirky novelty items are cute, clever and most of all, technologically delicious. Have fun owning one!

Starting off with clocks. It is surprising what you can come up with if you have a dead computer (& lots of creativity) to spare. Made by Etsy artist, pixelthis


Facebook Thumbs up Decal Stickers. Designed by victorialogodesign

Quite a concept, the Pacman Chair by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo

Pouf chair by Qayot builds on the same idea, but it takes it to a whole new perspective.

pacman chair

Wall Folders, designed by Kathrin Lang and Wolfgang Robler

‘My Documents’ Laptop Computer Bag

We are not leaving out the Apple fans. Check out the iPhone icon coasters!

and these folder mats!


Here is a piece of internet history. The Million Dollar Homepage is a website conceived by Alex Tew, when he needed to raise money for his university education. The cost to advertise on it? $1. Per pixel. Alex’s webpage soon became an internet phenomenon and in a little under 6 months the whole 1000×1000 pixel grid was sold out leaving him enough money(and some more to spare) to pursue his education. The print of that website is now up for sale.

Photoshop fans, this one is for you. Magnets that show off the popular graphic application’s UI elements.

More Info here.

These doormats from Meninos would probably bring about a smile to any new visitor.

Here is another doormat that doesn’t make any digital reference but yet finds a place in this list. Why? Because ambigrams are certifiably geeky. Look at it from one way and the mat welcomes you in, look at it from the other way and it gives the not too subtle message ‘Go Away’. Clever, eh?

Link  http://www.home-designing.com/2010/07/geeky-decor-accessories-for-the-home-2-0