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Control Alt Delete Movie หนังชื่อนี้ก็มีด้วย

Control Alt Delete is about a computer geek (Tyler Labine,Reaper) working for a company that fixes systems for Y2K. He’s got problems at work with a jerky co-worker, and he doesn’t have sex with his girlfriend anymore, just gets off to Internet porn. When she discovers this she leaves him and the porn stops being enough. That’s when he discovers he’s actually turned on by the computer itself. Yep he starts actually fucking his computer. It is written and directed by Tyler’s brother, Cameron Labine.

Starring Tyler Labine, Sonja Bennett, Laura Bertram, Alisen Down, Keith Dallas, Geoff Gustafson, Bro Gilbert, Kevin James and Jonathon Young

Its 1999 and lovable computer geek Lewis Henderson (Labine) is dumped by his long time girlfriend Sarah (Bennett). So he does what any young urban slacker would: work less and watch Internet porn more. With the added pressures of his buggy Y2K software and repeated romantic rejection, Lewis discovers that the website images no longer turn him on and thus begins his strangely satisfying sexual relationship with the machine itself.

ที่มา    http://www.mediadecay.com/2010/08/control-alt-delete-review/


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