geeky wall decor
When it comes to the term geeky, the wall decor is no more behind and have attained the geeky rank with pompous. If you think you are a perfect geek when it comes to your wall art, think again and just go through these geeky wall decals. Wall Decals are a wonderful credit-crunch way to spice up your home without much of effort and gives your decor a refreshing makeover. Be it a living room or your bedroom, the wall decor adorns every corner of your house with its artistic appeal. To become a real geek, just scroll down to check out some of the geeky wall decals.

• Hypnotic wall decals
hypnotic wall decals
The wall decals from Areaware leaves you mesmerized with its look. They are sure to hypnotize you with its look. The black and white combination are engrossed in circular form that attracts you towards its pleasing look.

• Magnetic curtain
magnetic curtain
The curtain is magnetic since it takes the form in whichever shape you want. It gets transformed into any shape you want. It comes incorporated with magnets that keep it in the desired shape. It is truly a geeky and magical addition for your home.

• Computers keyboard wall art 
computer keyboard wall graphics
The wall graphic with the computer keyboard is though not a very elegant design but is geeky in true terms. The geeky wall graphic is designed for the computer obsessed, who always wants to see a computer wherever they sit. Designed by Zek, the wall graphics gives a new meaning to your dreary rooms.

• Atari wall art
atari wall art
Designed by Bughouse Art and Design, Atari hanging gives a bizarre appearance to your walls. Unlike the usual wall hangings, the Atari is an unusual piece of work to enhance your walls. Well known as Mothership, the wall art is an ideal art to fit your walls.

• Space Invaders wall art
space invader wall art
This is yet another wall art for the game lovers. Based on the idea of space invaders, this wall art gives a new style statement to your walls. You can make this art a piece of your wall for just $40.

• Ms.Pacman wall art
ms pacman wall art
Do you remember Ms. Pacman? Well, if yes, then there is a wall art by an Australian based company to make your walls geeky. The wall art gives your room a complete geeky look which anyone would love to be part of.

• ASCII curtains
ascii curtains
Well, ASCII are quite common computer language. But, for the geeky nerds here is something that will keep them updated with all the ASCII values. Designed by Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy, the curtains visualize the information network in a tree, using the very codes that represent text in computers, communications equipment, and other devices that work with text.

• Retro Gaming wall graphic
retro game wall graphic
Thinking of transforming your game room? Give your game room a new look with the amazing retro gaming wall graphic. The wall art can also be made part of your living rooms and office.

• Wallpeppr
How interesting it would be to simply take your favorite image from Flickr and bring it straight to the wall. Well pretty interesting Wallpeppr by Carlo Jorges does the same. Get your favorite image and bring it on the walls. A roller uses inkjet-technology to print out an image transferred to it via a network cable.

• Light Emitting wallpaper
light emitting wallpaper
Interior designer Jonas Samson has designed wallpaper that can also be used as a light source. Made up of light emitting diode (LED), the wallpaper embraces of embedded lights. Turn off the light, to adorn your walls or turn it on to enjoy the transition of multiple patterns, the choice is entirely yours.

• Cityscape wall decals
cityscape wall decals
The long, sky touching buildings have always fascinated me. And to fascinate the enthusiasm of skyscrapers here is a wall decal that gives your walls a sky touching appearance.Without much of shades used these adorn the walls with its basic color and makes you feel on top of the sky scrapping buildings.

• Pixelnotes wallpaper
pixelnotes wall paper
The layered wallpaper is inspired by the way work within a room. The four-layered wall serves the purpose of a notice board and each layer is punched in a grid form.

• Push pin wall art
push pin wall art
The wall art reminds me Mario, one of my favorite games. The splendid work of Student Computing Center makes your wall a play station. The wall art has a pack of push pins, a pin board and the rest is dart of inspiration.

• Computers as wall art
computer as wall art
The computers are now used as wall art Designed by Fredrik Perman,the wall art has six computers in the setup that is designed for serious rendering. Made up of acrylic case, the wall art has no sides and top and the LED lit fans keeps it cool. This is an amazing piece of art.

• Giant Robot wall decal
giant robot wall graphics
Here is a cool way to invade your white boring walls with robot decals. Take down that prosaic and predictable poster of Einstein sticking out his tongue and replace it with these nifty Giant Robot decal. They are giant (removable) stickers that you can fashion into any pattern that fits your worldview.